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Faculty Services


The University Writing Center (UWC) and the Vice President for Research are proud to offer convenient writing assistance to faculty members working on projects such as grants, articles for publication, and research reports.  Faculty Writing Fellows can help faculty members focus arguments, organize ideas, support claims, cite others’ works, and maintain field conventions.  All correspondence is done via email. 


Will Smiley (English)

Kyle O'Sullivan (Biomedical Engineering)

Who can get help?

  • Tenure-line faculty, including professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and instructors (not including those currently enrolled as graduate students at the U)
  • Tenure-line Academic Library faculty, including librarians, associate librarians, and assistant librarians
  • Career-line faculty, including clinical faculty, lecturers, and research faculty
  • Adjunct, visiting, and emeritus faculty
  • Post Docs

What if I have a different title?

  • Academic Staff (Associate Instructors, Research Associates), Educational Trainees (Teaching Assistants, Teaching Fellows, Research Assistants), and Medical Housestaff (Interns, Residents, Clinical Fellows) should use the Graduate Writing Center if they are currently enrolled as graduate students.

What types of texts do faculty members submit?

  • Grant applications
  • Book chapters (Each submission should be no longer than 25 pages; longer works will need to be broken down into smaller pieces.)
  • Articles for publication
  • Research proposals
  • Conference presentations (Power Point, poster) and publications

Can I get help with lesson plans?

  • Faculty Writing Fellows are trained in writing tutoring, not necessarily teaching.  Faculty looking for help with lesson planning should consult the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (CTLE).

What should I include when I submit my writing to a Writing Fellow?

  • Description of the task (needs of the grant, call for proposals, description of the journal that you're submitting to, etc.)
  • Length of your document
  • Deadline
  • The kind of help that you desire

What are faculty members saying about our Writing Fellows?

  • Overall, I found the service I was provided extremely helpful. The edits I was provided for my grant were on target, very helpful and timely. I have since recommended this service to others.  -Adam Gormley
  • It was extremely helpful to get help from the Writing Fellow. I would even recommend it for native English speakers. -Zhou Gao
  • The [writing] fellow was very helpful.    -Albert H. Parks, MD
  • I would like to express my gratitude for all your efforts and thank you for being so wonderful.  -Behroz Baraghosi
  • Thank you for [...] making suggestions about how to improve the article.  I know it will be better because of you! - Ivis Garcia, Department of City and Metropolitan Planning

What Other Support Does the Writing Center Offer to Faculty?

Classroom Visits:

Either the director, Anne McMurtrey, or the Writing Center coordinator, Shelby Wayment, can visit your class to introduce the University Writing Center (UWC) to your students, or address specific concerns with student writing. These classroom presentations typically last from 15 to 30 minutes. Contact Anne to set up a time for a classroom visit.

Anne is also available to teach on specific writing topics, such as writing academic arguments, avoiding plagiarism, and responding to student writing. Workshops typically last between 30 and 45 minutes.

Sending your students to the Writing Center:

Instructors who require their students to come to the Writing Center can have the receptionist stamp the student's paper with the official Writing Center stamp. For privacy reasons we are unable to divulge the details of the session, but we can verify that a student has had a consultation.

Please note:

  • Sending students to the Writing Center doesn't mean that their writing is "fixed."
  • We practice "non-directive" tutoring and enter into conversations with students about their writing. Tutors will never write for the student or copyedit their papers. Our goal is to help students become better writers.
Last Updated: 8/23/18