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Services for Graduate Students and Faculty

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Writing Fellow Program

Assistance for Faculty & Graduate Students

The University Writing Center (UWC) and the Vice President for Research are proud to offer convenient assistance for faculty and graduate students in the writing process.

Alan Reiser is the Writing Fellow for 2012-13. He has a background in international software engineering with Apple and Intuit, and is the editor of Utah Foreign Language Review. Alan graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2010 with BA degrees from the University of Utah in Classical Greek, Japanese and Comparative Literary & Cultural Studies.

Writing Fellow services are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis, so please plan ahead, especially near common grant and publication deadlines.

You may contact Alan by email at:, or by phone 801-527-2404. You may also contact Maureen Clark, Writing Center Director at: for editing help.

Read What Faculty and Grad Students All Over Campus are Saying About Us:

-Your writing fellow was prompt and helpful. She gave me the structure and feedback to get over a significant roadblock in my writing. Ben Springer

-Overall I found the service I was provided extremely helpful. The edits I was provided for my grant were on target, very helpful and timely. I have since recommended this service to a number of my fellow graduate students. Adam Gormley

- It was extremely helpful to get help from the Writing Fellow. I would even recommend it for native English speakers. Zhou Gao

- The (writing) fellow was very helpful. Albert H. Parks, MD

- Isabel was integral to my success in science writing for several reasons. First, she helped me develop a plan for my prewriting and how to approach writing a full-length research proposal. Second, she helped me identify my weak points and gave me suggestions and other resources to improve those areas. With her help, my writing has greatly improved and I have the tools I need to successfully write my thesis and research articles. On a side note, my research advisor was extremely pleased with my achievements and has said numerous times that my writing has greatly improved. Without the help of the writing center, I would be a struggling writer today. C. Gritzen

- If not for computers and people like Jacob, I would not have seen the inside of a doctoral program.  I want to thank Keltin too, first for his interest in my comics research, and secondly for his help when Jacob was away from his desk.  He is enthusiastic, highly creative and perhaps for the first time, made me feel that my collaborative arts-based comics work with transmigrant youth is important. A. Coltilde Houchon

- The feedback I received from Sheena was extremely helpful. I am planning on requesting the Writing Fellow's help again when I finish the next two chapters. Anna Fichman, PhD

- This program was fabulous and I have recommended it to others. Heather

- Sheena was great and her help was truly invaluable. S. Hart

- You helped me to finish my dissertation and you were utmost precise and to the point. I would like to express my gratitude for all your efforts and thank you for being so wonderful. I received my degree in December of 2011. Behroz Baraghosi

- I have had a great experience using the writing center.  Jacob was very good and he helped me with my dissertation, which I successfully defended titled  “Convergent Suppression as a Mechanism for Persistence of Hepatitis C Virus in a Human In Vitro system”. NEKEHIA TAMARA QUASHIE

Some of the services we offer:

Research Proposals

Grant Applications

Articles for Publication

Conference Papers


Paper Abstracts

Personal Statements


Other Services for Faculty

Classroom Introductory Visits

Director, Maureen Clark or Associate Director Erin Jensen can visit your class to introduce the University Writing Center (UWC) to your students, or to address specific concerns with student writing. These classroom presentations typically last from 15 to 30 minutes. Contact: Maureen Clark at to set up a time for a classroom visit.

Classroom Workshops

Maureen and Erin are also available to teach on specific writing topics. Workshops typically last from 30 to 60 minutes. Contact: Maureen Clark at to establish a time for a workshop visit.

Teaching Consultations

Faculty can schedule appointments with UWC staff to examine syllabi, assignments, and course materials. In addition, UWC staff can discuss ways of easing the evaluation process through assignment sequencing, drafting, and the use of rubrics.

Writing Classes

WRITING 6020, Evaluating Student Writing, is a graduate course open to students and instructors in all disciplines. The course addresses issues such as appropriate feedback, effective suggestions for revision, managing peer review and student conferences, and evaluation and grading. The course is offered each fall semester.


The UWC will sponsor and co-sponsor programs with the Writing Program and other interested departments each semester on teaching writing effectively.

Recommended Reading

The UWC maintains a bibliography of books and web resources on a number of writing issues: preparing assignments, evaluation, grammar, and many others. The Center also offers a bookshelf of writing resource materials.

Is there some writing service you need that isn't listed here? Contact: Maureen Clark at in the University Writing Center with your ideas to improve our service.

Last Updated: 6/24/21