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Welcome to the Graduate Writing Center

Funded by the Graduate School and staffed by graduate student tutors, the Graduate Writing Center is ready to help graduate students and postdocs from all disciplines with their writing projects. Our goal is to help them become more confident writers.

Options for GWC Clients:

Clients have three options for writing support: 1) live, online tutoring (Zoom), 2) in-person tutorials in the Marriott Library, and 3) asynchronous tutoring (written feedback from a tutor). All three options are free to students pursuing Masters or Ph.D. degrees at the University of Utah, as well as postdocs and medical residents!

1. Live, Online Tutoring:

To speak with one of our tutors over Zoom, please make an appointment at . Then, upload your paper to the intake form and click on "Start or Join Conversation" to start your Zoom meeting at your scheduled time. Our tutors will not be able to write on your draft, but they will be able to read it and give you valuable feedback, including revision and proofreading suggestions.

2. In-Person Tutorials:

To speak with one of our tutors in person, please make an appointment at and choose a tutor with the words "In-person" next to their name. Then, upload your paper to the intake form and arrive to your appointment in MLIB 1180B with your own electronic or printed draft in hand. Your tutor will access your writing from the intake form and view it on their laptop.

3. Asynchronous Tutoring:

One of our graduate tutors has joined other graduate tutors in the eTutoring consortium to provide written feedback to writers across the United States. To get feedback from a graduate tutor in this consortium, click on the following link: After you log in with your uID and password, you will be able to submit your draft to the eWriting Lab, flag it as a graduate-level paper, and receive feedback within about 48 hours. Your tutor will read your draft, write a letter containing your draft's strengths and weaknesses, and provide limited embedded comments and questions.



Graduate students also have access to Grammarly. While it is not a substitute for tutoring, Grammarly can help students catch sentence-level errors. Click here to learn more about Grammarly and to re/activate your premier account.


Graduate writing consultants can help you:

  • Develop your ideas
  • Consider your audience
  • Organize your thoughts
  • Plan your project
  • Form good arguments
  • Improve the clarity of your writing
  • Shape paragraphs to improve continuity and flow
  • Polish sentences to improve style and interest
  • Recognize and correct common errors

Graduate tutors have experience working with:

  • Research proposals
  • Grant applications
  • Articles for publication
  • Conference papers
  • Abstracts for papers
  • Personal statements
  • Dissertations
  • CVs and resumes
  • Class papers
  • Various citation styles (APA, MLA, etc.)
Last Updated: 12/13/23