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Style and Formatting How-to Guides and Handouts:

What is a Literature Review?

How to Write a Graduate Proposal 

Links to the U Career Sucess:

Preparing for the GRE Writing Test 

MLA Style

APA Style

Chicago Style 

Writing Organization Handouts:

Annotated Bibliographies

  • Noodle Tools is a web application that can help you to create bibliographies with and without annotations.



Constructing an Academic Argument

Paraphrase and Summary

Thesis Statements

Emailing Professors



Sentence-Level Support:


Colons and Semicolons


Independent and Subordinate Clauses


Run-ons and Comma Splices

Subject-Verb Agreement

Active and Passive Voice


Related Links:

Learning Center (another free tutoring option for U of U students; course-centered tutoring)

Community Writing Center (free tutoring option for writers who are not students at the U)

U Career Success (additonal help on application materials)

Department of Writing & Rhetoric Studies (writing courses, writing placement exam)

Research Consultations with a Librarian (individualized research support; Writing Center-Librarian Liason)

Purdue OWL (more information on citations, grammar, etc.)

Grammarly (free sentence-level and plagiarism help for graduate students)

Independent Editors (editors for hire $$) 

Last Updated: 3/13/24