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Undergraduate Services

The University Writing Center is OPEN!

You have three options: 1) live, online tutoring (Zoom), 2) in-person tutorials in the Marriott Library, and 3) asynchronous tutoring (written feedback from a tutor).

1 - Live, Online Tutoring:

To speak with one of our tutors over Zoom, please make an appointment at and choose a tutor with the word "Online" next to their name. Then, upload your paper to the intake form and, at the time of your appointment, click "Start or Join Conversation" to begin the Zoom meeting.  Our tutors will not be able to write on your draft, but they will be able to read it and give you valuable feedback, including revision and proofreading suggestions.

Please note that students can no longer attend their tutorials on their phones. They must have a tablet or laptop if they want an online appointment. If they do not have the proper equipment, they can check out laptops for the semester in the Marriott Library.


2 - In-Person Tutorials:

To speak with one of our tutors in person, please make an appointment at and choose a tutor with the words "In-person" next to their name. Then, upload your paper to the intake form and arrive to your appointment in MLIB 2701 with your own electronic or printed draft in hand. Your tutor will access your writing from the intake form and view it on their laptop or tablet. Or, you can bring two copies of your paper to the appointment. Face coverings are not currently required in the library.

3 - Asynchronous Tutoring:

We also have tutors trained to provide you with written feedback. Click here to receive comments on your paper within about 48 hours. After you log in with your uID and password, you will be able to submit your draft, as well as your assignment sheet. Your tutor will read your draft, write you a letter containing your draft's strengths and weaknesses, and provide limited embedded comments and questions.

All three services are FREE.

Stay safe and healthy.

Not sure who to meet with? See our tutors' expertise.

Why Visit the Writing Center? 

Our writing tutors can help you improve any aspect of your writing in any discipline. We are here to help you:

  • Understand your assignment
  • Develop ideas
  • Organize thoughts
  • Form an argument
  • Consider the audience
  • Improve the clarity of the writing
  • Create and improve paragraphs
  • Improve continuity and flow
  • Polish sentence to improve style
  • Document sources correctly
  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Learn about common grammar errors

What students are saying about the writing center?

  • I needed to come here sooner!
  • This teaches me how to be a more effective writer. I really appreciate the feedback.
  • Wonderful experience. Good information. Very helpful. Will definitely come back.
  • I passed with distinction!
  • You were very friendly and approachable and put me at ease.
  • Thank you for you excellent help and suggestions and for your warm encouragement.
Last Updated: 1/23/24