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Welcome to the University Writing Center and the Graduate Student Writing Center

If you haven’t used the Writing Center before, choose your schedule (undergraduate or graduate) and fill out the registration form. After you have set up a user name and password, you will be allowed to make an appointment.
If you are already registered, enter your name and password to access your schedule.

Undergraduate Students can make 30-min. appointments with any available tutor and will meet in the Marriott Library location on the second floor

Graduate Students and Faculty can make hour-long appointments with an available tutor and will meet with that tutor in LNCO 3815

Bring your Assignment Sheet and a hard copy of your paper

Come prepared to ask questions, talk about your writing, and listen to new ideas

Once you have completed your appointment, you are welcome to make another later that day, or later in the week if there is a tutor available

Cancellation Policy

We require 8-hour notice if you need to cancel your appointment. If you don't give us adequate notice, WC on-line will block you from making another appointment for one week

Last Updated: 6/24/21