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What Should I Expect in a Writing Consultation?

When you meet with a writing consultant you are entering into a conversation about your writing process and the document you bring to the writing center. It will be helpful if you understand the difference between peer-tutoring and editing. The peer-tutoring process means that you will come prepared with questions about your writing. Be prepared to listen and talk. Be prepared to write on your paper, or take notes. As you meet with a peer-tutor you will address concerns such as brainstorming, organization, development, clarity, exploring options for expanding your writing and using other's words correctly. Our tutors are dedicated to helping students understand their own writing process towards the goal of becoming better writers.

Editing is the process of "cleaning up" someone else's paper. The tutors of the University Writing Center are not editors. We do not focus exclusively on grammar or sentence structure, although if we see issues in these areas the tutor might direct the student to resources that address those needs.

Your tutor will not venture a guess about your grade. We don't grade papers, we tutor students to help them become better writers. You are free to accept or reject a tutor's ideas. Ultimately, you are responsible for your paper and the grade it receives. Coming to the Writing Center does not guarantee a better grade on a particular paper.

As a Client of the University Writing Center, I Agree to the Following Policy:

  • I will be on time for my appointment (after ten minutes my appointment can be given to someone else)
  • I will bring my assignment sheet with me
  • I will bring a hard copy of my paper
  • I will give the Writing Center 8-hours notice if I cannot keep my appointment
  • If I do not give 8-hours notice I forfeit my right to make another appointment for 1 week
  • I will fill in the assignment description when I make my appointment

How to Make an Appointment to Meet with a Tutor

  • Appointments can be scheduled through our WC on-line appointment book
  • Go to "Make an Appointment" on the left-hand side of our homepage
  • The first time you use the WC, you will need to register, using your uID and a password.
  • You must enter your uID in all numerals: 00221333
  • Once you are registered you can go to "make an appointment" and our schedule will appear
  • Appointments are 30 minutes long
  • Select a time that works for your schedule
  • You may not make more than one appointment at a time; if you do, the system will cancel all of them
  • You are welcome to make a second appointment as soon as you have completed the first
  • We do take walk-ins if we have a consultant free, but we encourage you to make an appointment in advance
  • You should plan ahead.  Our schedule is usually full a few days in advance
  • We require 8-hour notice if you are going to miss your appointment
  • Failure to give this notice will block you from making another appointment for 1 week

Faculty who Send Their Students to the Writing Center Should be Aware of the Following:

Due to "privacy" regulations, we are not allowed to tell you about your student's session

Please keep in mind that students don't always take our advice or suggestions

Sending students to the writing center doesn't mean that their writing is "fixed"

We ask that you don't require students to come to the writing center

Students who are required to verify that they have been to the writing center can have their paper stamped at the receptionist desk after their appointment

The University Writing Center's mission is to enter into a collaborative dialogue to guide students in improving their writing process and becoming better critical thinkers and communicators