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eTutoring and the Online Writing Lab

eTutoring – a free, online tutoring platform – is now available to all University of Utah graduate students!*

The physical Graduate Writing Center is still the preferred option for students who attend classes at the Salt Lake City main campus. However, eTutoring is an option for graduate students who cannot make it to campus to meet with a tutor in a face-to-face setting.  Students can submit their writing at any stage of the writing process.

The Online Writing Lab allows students to submit drafts of their acadmic work (papers, thesis/dissertation chapters, and conference proposals, etc.), ask a writing fellow for specific feedback, and receive a response in a matter of days.

How to Tag your Paper as a Grad Student Submission on

To access this valuable service, click HERE.  Use your uID and password to log in, and click on the eWriting Lab.

As soon as you enter the eWriting Lab, you’ll see a policy pop-up written specifically for the eWriting Lab.  Please read the pop-up carefully.

When you have closed the pop-up,  your eWriting Lab submission options will appear.

Select “Submit a New Writing Assignment.”  When you have opted to submit a new writing assignment, the submission form will appear on your screen.  The submission form is quite extensive, but please fill it out as much as possible.  The more information you provide, the more we’ll be able to help you with your work. 

For example, if you have a digital copy of your assignment from your professor, you may upload it so our tutors can take a look.

Pay particular attention to the bottom of the form; click on “Graduate Student Submission” in order to flag your paper as a graduate-level submission.

Note: If you do not select “Graduate Student Submission” your paper will not be readily identified by our grad tutors when they look through the eWriting Lab queue for tagged graduate student submissions.  This may mean a delayed response from the tutors and a longer wait time for you.

Then upload your file and push the button that says, “Submit Your Writing Assignment.”

If you have difficulty accessing eTutoring, please contact Anne McMurtrey.


*Only the eWriting Lab is able to handle graduate-level content. eTutors cannot help you will any of the other subjects offered on the platform.


Last Updated: 3/10/17